Eswatini Energy Regulatory Authority is a statutory Energy Regulatory Body established through the Energy Regulatory Act, 2007 (Act No.2 of 2007). The Mandate of ESERA is the administration of Electricity Act, 2007 (Act No.3 of 2007), with the primary and core responsibilities of exercising control over the electricity supply industry (ESI) and regulation of generation , transmission, distribution, supply, use, import and export of electricity in Eswatini.


It is also responsible for the regulation of electricity tariffs and quality of supply and services. The Electricity Act requires that prices are regulated in accordance with a defined and approved tariff methodology. The Authority is a Category A Enterprise as per the Public Enterprise Unit Control and Monitoring Act, 1989.


Our Values


Professionalism: In doing our business, we conduct ourselves with high standards of behaviour, competence and excellence and continually evaluate our performance.


Integrity: We conduct ourselves with high level of honesty, sincerity and consistency.


Transparency: We conduct our business in an open manner, explain our decisions and processes, and, subject to legislation, make relevant information available.


Accountability: We take responsibility and own up to our decisions and actions, and account for their outcomes.


Fairness: When dealing with our stakeholders, we are objective, impartial and deal with matters at hand on their own merits.


Accessibility and responsiveness: We are sensitive to the needs of our stakeholders, consult them, and within reasonable limits, are available to respond to their queries speedily.